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What's Your Look Saying? Matching and Mixing Styles and Finishes

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If you're in the midst of a kitchen or bathroom makeover you will find yourself facing an endless string of design decisions about colors, styles and finishes. What goes together to form a cohesive and appealing look with your hard-working faucets, taps, handles and showerheads? It may be best to determine your favorite style and dial things in from there.

Interior designers and architects try to find their clients comfort zones by understanding what kinds of style, colors, fabrics, furnishings or periods in design history they are naturally drawn to. “Traditional," “transitional" and “modern" are the three big categories. Which one do you fall into? Here's a quick guide to figuring all that out.

JINGDING offers a diverse selection of thoughtfully designed kitchen and bath faucets, and other accessories.

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